‘C.A.T shows the way’ !

I am convinced that harnessing Solar Energy is the only solution towards sustainable development and in this regard we at College of Architecture Trivandrum (C.A.T) installed a 50 KWP grid connected Interactive Solar Energy System capable of generating 6300 units per month which are equivalent to the day time power requirement of the college campus. The system costing Rs.30.30 lakhs was subsidized by ANERT (GOK) and GOI to the tune of Rs.12,44,760/-

With the successful installation of this ‘Green’ Energy, the savings in KSEB Bill is commuted as Rs.30,060/- per month. 

If only all institutions in our country especially Kerala install Grid Connected Solar Power, the power crisis during the non-monsoon month can be more or less eliminated.

My desk at C.A.T as Chairman & Managing Trustee of College of Architecture Trivandrum.

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