Trivandrum needs a hundred meter wide Growth Corridor

As envisaged in CRDP-I programme, I suggest that Government take action for a 100 mt wide GROWTH CORRIDOR which will start from PARASSALA & join NH 47 at VARKALA. This will definitely decongest the Trivandrum city and bring additional investment in terms of  Industry and  Trade – maximum time period 6 years.

Thiruvananthapuram developments 2017

Proposed Regional Road Network System - TRIDA

The important Junctions at Parassala, Aryanad, Palode, Kilimanoor, and Varkala will require ‘Cloverleaf Flyovers’ or ‘Underpass’ so that traffic from South to North will be seamless.
But there is a catch!
The government will have to hasten decision making, prepare implementable Document, form an (SPV may be for other districts also) and most of all political will and vision.
 Can the citizens expect Government to deliver?

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