Do you know that the present Trivandrum Airport cannot sustain Traffic beyond 2030!

It’s time to relocate Trivandrum Airport to accommodate massive growth in Air Traffic.
The total land area of Trivandrum International Airport is 600 Acres and at present caters to 2.8 million passengers annually.
There were 27239 Aircraft movements and 48202 tons of Cargo movement in 2012.
The Annual growth rate of 11% for International and 15% for Domestic passengers is likely to increase to 15% and 20% when Technocity, Vizhinjam Port and other projects get completed.
The projected annual requirement after 15 years will be 5 million pax at the rate of 45000 aircraft movements per year. Therefore by 2025-30, future expansion at present location will be impossible.
The solution to this is to develop a new site within the district for a new Airport on a 2000 acre land preferably towards Quilon.
Proposed Timeline – 10 to 12 years – Critical deadline 2030!





  1. Yes sir..hope the government thinks the way you are looking ahead

  2. Also identify a suatainable water source on both location as Navaikulam,Parassala r water starved areas even today.Why polluting titanium aňd burial ground of Industries ( Ìnd. estate ) are utilised upto Muthalapozhy


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