High Security, Bomb proof Underground Treasure Museum for Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram, India

For Last 5 Years, I have been trying to convince the Supreme Court appointed Temple Administrative Committee and Government of Kerala that an underground Museum has to be built below the temple courtyard with a connecting Tunnel for visitors of other religion to see the largest collection of Gold in the World.
I have suggested in many concepts the following features:-
Ø  State of the Art Technology for Security and Safety of the exhibits
Ø  Double galley RCC Bombproof Bunker Structure for the Treasure Museum.
Ø  Cutting Edge Technology and State of the Art contrivances to safeguard the museum display so as to be terror proof!
Ø  A surface level reception, ticketing, Security Control, Souvenir shops etc. sufficient to control the expected average crowd of at least 3000 everyday rear round.

The underground museum of Jewels when completed replete with all safety systems will cost Rs.300 Crores. The entry ticket at Rs 300 per head will amortize the investment in less than     10 years.

Padbhanabhaswamy temple
Bombproof Underground Treasure Museum
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